Gas Turbines


Gas turbine generators are typically used to provide power for large industrial and commercial applications. The power requirements for these applications can exceed 500 kW and can be as high as 150 MW and up for applications such as large off-grid mining or industrial operations. Turbines can efficiently provide power for very large operations better than standard diesel or natural gas generators sets.


A gas turbine generator can be smaller, lighter and of more simple construction than a reciprocating engine powered generator of similar power. This feature makes it easier to take into off-grid areas and manage and maintain. Some industrial gas turbines offer power generation with the added benefit of heat exchange to be used for additional fuel or heat.  Many are now configured as combined cycle power plants and cogeneration power systems to not only provide off-grid electricity, but also additional forms of energy such as steam.  While some power generation systems using gas turbines operate as support for peak times (in areas where fuel is less expensive) they can also be efficient enough to run for longer durations.

Gas turbines generally run on natural gas, gasoline, and/or biofuel.  Some turbines are developed to operate by burning waste gas such as those emitted from landfills.

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