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BPG offers the full bevy of its services and capabilities to our clients who prefer not to “navigate” the generator/power market alone. As the Buyer’s trusted agent, we will tailor our activities to handle as much or as little of the project as deemed necessary. By choosing Bryan as their partner, our clients greatly reduce uncertainty and subsequently mitigate much of the risk associated with procuring high value, complex power generation equipment and integrated solutions. We are professionals dedicated to working in this market day in and day out…our access to equipment and resources far exceeds that which is readily available to the average commercial and industrial user. We will bring our knowledge, experience, capabilities and specialized expertise to bear on your behalf, ensuring you get the right equipment solution, at the right price, delivered and installed the right way! Our clients do not incur any up-front or added costs for this service…finding and delivering to our clients the right solution, has proven time and time to be the mutually beneficial relationship beneficial relationship all parties benefit from.

Site Prep/Design and Build

BPG, in conjunction with its parent company Bryan Construction, offers a host of services relative to the design, new construction and retrofitting of a customers existing space to accommodate the addition and/or expansion of a power generator or power plant. From pouring a pad and running conduit to major building renovations, we have the specialized tools and capabilities to provide cost-effective site design and build for new and existing facilities. Our civil/structural engineers understand the unique design demands on building structures, equipment foundations and specialized structures associated with power generation applications.

Equipment Modifications / Upgrades

BPG has the capability to “tailor” any power solution to meet our client’s unique needs. Working with both OEM’s and aftermarket providers, BPG has the ability to handle such common needs as: voltage changes, converting frequency from 60 to 50 Hz, upgrading Controls or adding switchgear, replacing exhaust systems or adding emissions reduction systems (i.e. Selective Catalyst Reduction (SCR)), placing in new or modifying existing enclosures, painting of gensets or enclosures, and conversions of fuel sources (i.e. adding bi-fuel capability to a Turbine).

Inspection / Testing / Load Banking

BPG coordinates all levels of equipment inspection and testing, ranging from visual inspections and review of maintenance records, right on down through a very in-depth procedures that may include bore scoping the engine, taking oil samples for lab analysis and load testing the units under various load ratings.

Installation, Start-Up and Commissioning

With any power offering, BPG can deliver a full turnkey operational solution to meet its customers individual needs and requirement. BPG will plan and provide for the installation, initial start-up and commissioning of any generator/power plant in accordance with the customer’s stated requirement. BPG acts as the “Managing General Contractor”, coordinating all required activities and sub-contractors and providing the customer with a single source point of contact for accountability, performance and billing.

Shipping /<br /> Transport

BPG handles all shipping and logistics issues associated with your equipment purchase and delivery. Our relationships with both freight brokers and independently owned truckers, provides a robust capability to safely move equipment anywhere within the U.S. and Canada, to include arranging for riggers and lifts to load and un-load equipment. In addition, BPG has close relationships with Ocean Freight forwarders to coordinate the movement of equipment requiring transport to nearly any worldwide location, to include the handling of all necessary port and International customs processing.

Air Quality Permitting / Testing

As required, BPG will coordinate all engine Air Quality (AQ) testing and assessments (i.e. sniffer tests) in order to establish conformance to specificied AQ regulatory agencies and standards. We can also oversee the preparation, submittal and coordination of all mandated forms and supporting data to regulatory agencies for obtaining required AQ permits necessary for equipment operation. Additionally, BPG can source emissions abatement systems for a customer’s application, should it be deemed necessary to achieve AQ permitting mandates.

Equipment<br /> Leasing

On a case-by-case basis, BPG can tailor an equipment leasing arrangement for its customers who wish to explore this route for balance sheet, cash flow, tax needs or other unique considerations. Working in close consultation with the customer, BPG will assist users in helping them to fully understand the economics and any risks associated with this type of arrangement and whether or not it fits their needs. BPG partners with industry leaders in order that we may provide the widest possibility of flexible leasing alternatives, tailored to meet any customer’s unique financial need.

Operations & Maintenance (O&M)

BPG can work with its customers to both assess, advise and/or potentially contract for O & M services beyond the initial start-up and commissioning of a piece of equipment or power plant. Depending upon the complexity and size of the solution, this could run the spectrum from advising on establishing an equipment sparing plan and/or choosing a local maintenance contractor, to an all-out operations and maintenance proposal that would be provided under the BPG umbrella. Ultimately, user needs and preferences will be a driving factor in the establishment of this logistics tail.

Feasibility Studies & Energy Project Design

In today’s power market, utility power is not your only option. Commercial, industrial and other large power consumers are looking to distributed power solutions to meet their prime power demands at a lower life-cycle cost than utility power. Generating your own on-site power is also an excellent way to ensure your business remains operational when utility power may become unavailable. Bryan Power can help conduct a feasibility analysis to determine your best power supply option. From providing backup power via a diesel generator to installing a large combined heat and power cogeneration system for prime power, Bryan Power can help you determine the best and most economical power supply.

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