Consignment Program


At BPG, our consignment program is the perfect balance for the equipment owner who wishes to sell their equipment at higher than wholesale pricing, but does not necessarily have the technical depth and breadth, marketing platforms and/or resources available to reach the “right customer at the right time at the right price”. BPG’s consignment program will bridge that gap allowing equipment owners the opportunity to earn a higher rate of return on their investment by providing a complete marketing and sales plan to sell your asset(s). When it’s time to divest of your high value power generation asset(s), partnering with BPG will provide great value and service throughout the disposition of your now “excess” inventory.


BPG brings the requisite technical expertise, tools and infrastructure to properly test, assess and “grade out” equipment in order to make informed decisions. We will quantitatively and qualitatively assess equipment across a number of key factors such as its physical wear and tear, former operating environment, maintenance history and records, current performance under load, and comparison of key system operating parameters against OEM specifications. Understanding “what you have” and “what condition it’s in”, is fundamental to assessing its true value comparatively within the market. Additionally, BPG can de-install, ship and store your equipment in the event you must remove off of the premises.

A fundamental challenge in any secondary market is accurately establishing the fair market value of a commodity. Unlike the used car or housing markets where there is an abundance of established resources to provide historical sales data and pricing, (i.e. Kelly Blue Book and Multiple Listing Service (MLS)), this information does not readily exist to the general public, nor to most “independent brokers”. BPG’s market intelligence employs a historical database of used power generation equipment purchased at both wholesale and retail pricing, to include time on the market to sell. With literally hundreds of data points to work from, BPG is uniquely positioned to accurately establish fair market value of nearly any power system on the market today.

BPG will build a customized marketing campaign aimed at gaining maximum exposure of your equipment to the “right” target audience. The BPG website is the single most powerful tool to reach the largest possible demographic who might be interested in purchasing your equipment. You will have a professional and customized web presence with photos, technical information and any other relevant materials. Potential customers are targeted utilizing both paid keyword searches for your specific equipment as well as our already established “organic” web presence. Additionally, BPG has an extensive network of industry partners to expand the products “reach”, along with our always on-going direct marketing efforts worldwide.

Selling equipment is at the heart of what we do and we do it well! With the aid of our sales lead tracking and management software, you can rest assured that our sales team will be timely, aggressive and thorough in identifying, evaluating and qualifying all legitimate sales leads. Experience has shown us that the initial time between a potential customer’s request for information and the subsequent response is often times a make or break factor for a sale. Our sales team is always “plugged-in” to ensure that missed opportunities are left for the competition!

No two customers are alike and every single one has their own “threshold” or comfort level for purchasing pre-owned equipment. Reaching this threshold is a must for any successful sale to occur. BPG possesses all of the requisite skills and capabilities to assist any customer with the inspection and testing process to determine suitability for its intended use. We can also provide customers with a host of options to reconfigure and/or add to or upgrade the existing equipment to satisfy its unique requirements. This capability is a great value added enabler to actually consummating a sale with a prospective buyer.

Utilizing its years of experience, BPG will negotiate the best price, terms and conditions for a sale, adhering to any previous guidance, formal or otherwise, agreed to with the client.

All sales to the end purchaser are run through the BPG business office. BPG works with our clients (the equipment owner), to transfer ownership to the purchaser in a way that shields the client from any future liability should the purchaser choose to pursue any legal recourse.

BPG will oversee all de-installation, shipping and delivery of equipment from its origin to the new owner. We ensure the equipment is fully insured at all times during its removal, transport and off-load, till such time that a formal “hand-off” to the new owner occurs.

Because the new equipment owner purchases the equipment directly from BPG, all future issues and/or liability becomes the responsibility of BPG and the not Consignor. As such, the burden, liability and potential cost of any adverse actions are solely borne by BPG.