Control Systems & Electronics


Complete on-site power generation systems often involve electronic controls and other ancillary electronic equipment such as circuit breakers, control panels, and automatic transfer switches. These electronic systems provide additional functions to on-site power generation users and can help to accommodate specific individual project requirements.


Circuit breakers are designed to prevent damage to power generation systems by interrupting current flow when overload or short circuit conditions develop. Unlike a fuse, which must be replaced after one use, a circuit breaker can be reset after a fault and continue to provide protection. Circuit breakers vary widely in size and can be designed to accommodate small or large power systems including switch gear for industrial and commercial applications that provide backup on-site power generation.


Control panels are installed on power generation systems to display and control the basic functions of the generator and/or turbine. The displays provide the voltage, frequency, and current of the generator during its operation while the controls, in the form of knobs or buttons, allow the user to vary or ‘tune’ the generator settings for optimum performance. In addition to operating parameters, alarms and other warnings are displayed on control panels to provide further system monitoring. In very large, on-site power generation systems, control rooms may be built to house all of the controls and monitoring systems for an entire power plant.


Automatic transfer switches (ATS) are used to automatically transfer power from utility grid power to backup/standby power in the event of a power failure. Power failures are detected by the switch, which starts the backup power source and then transfers power from the grid to local on-site power generation. ATS’s are designed to sense a voltage drop, or loss in power and immediately signal the power generator to begin operation. Once the power generator is operational and able to accept the power load, the switch transfers the load from the utility grid to the generator.

Control panels, circuit breakers, and automatic transfer switches, work together to provide an uninterrupted power supply (UPS) that can protect your business from interruptions due to power failure. Bryan Power only works with proven industry manufacturers with quality products.