Reciprocating Commercial / Industrial Diesel Generators


Many heavy-duty industrial generators use diesel fuel to operate. Diesel engines create more energy per gallon than gasoline, giving it greater efficiency. Diesel generators also tend to be more rugged and able to withstand tough conditions and endure longer with less maintenance.

Diesel engines spark differently than gas engines, removing the need for spark plugs and accompanying maintenance.  Diesel fuel is also less flammable than gasoline and will last longer in an appropriate fuel storage tank. This durability and longevity is why diesel operated generators are most used in situations where they are run heavily and often. Diesel generators can vary in sizes appropriate for small building use or in larger commercial operations such as manufacturing plants, mining sites, and cell phone towers.

Common uses for diesel power generator sets include any business that requires uninterrupted power supply or other businesses that are highly inconvenienced by power loss. Data centers, hospitals, nursing homes and the like, need power to switch on during an outage on a moment’s notice to protect information, perishable products and save lives. Other uses of diesel generator sets are less critical, but still essential for operations where the power grid does not reach. For instance, remote mining and drilling operations require large amounts of power that often cannot be supplied by the national power grid.

Bryan Power Generation has years of experiencing working with buyers and sellers only focusing on top brands in the industry such as Caterpillar, Cummins, Baldor, Generac and more.  We buy new surplus and pre-owned diesel gensets and also offer them for sale. To see how we can assist your company with your power gen needs call or contact us today.