Environmental & Regulatory


The preparation and submittal of applications for grants, sales tax exemptions, environmental permitting, and other regulatory requirements is often a daunting task…especially without years of experience submitting applications. Determining the requirements for each submission, identifying the success criteria and management of the submission process can be a full time job. Writing and editing of text, preparation of drawings, spreadsheets and other support materials must be expertly crafted into an organized application by an experienced team of professionals to ensure a timely and quality application.

Analysis of how and when energy is used, and evaluation of existing and alternative utility tariffs can have a significant impact on facility operating costs, and improve overall bottom line performance. Again this can be a daunting task without years of experience and understanding of utility rates and tariffs, and energy efficiency and management alternatives.

In addition to procuring power generation equipment and supplying all-encompassing support services, Bryan Power can also help provide environmental permitting and other regulatory assistance, as well as grant and sales tax exemption applications and analyses of utility costs and energy efficiency savings alternatives. Our extensive experience in energy and infrastructure project design and development provides us with the tools necessary to help you manage successful applications and development of cost reduction strategies. With our vast network of resources, BPG can build a team of experts with experience in…

  • New and updated permitting of equipment and facility systems
  • Compliance with regulatory requirements
  • Preparation of applications for grants and similar financial applications for energy and process equipment, new buildings, etc.
  • Analysis of existing and alternative utility tariffs
  • Evaluation of existing operations and equipment to determine correct utility Sales Tax exemptions
  • Evaluation of existing operations and equipment to determine energy efficiency and energy cost reduction strategies