Gas Turbine Power Plants: Design, Engineering & Equipment Sourcing


In hard-to-reach areas found in remote, rugged zones and those in developing countries or emerging markets that do not have a reliable power grid, power generation systems like gas turbine power plants and generators make industry possible. Power plants or operations that supply a large amount of power are constructed in permanent and temporary capacities around the world wherever power is needed. Temporary military installations or oil/gas operations often construct large scale power plants from turbines, multiple turbines, or even banks of natural gas or diesel burning generator sets. The term ‘power plant’ can be used to describe any installation that supports a large population or operation.

Bryan Power has experience working with buyers and sellers and all the necessary parties on large, complex power generation solutions ranging from 5MW to 40MW+ both domestically and internationally. We have experience with new surplus and used gas turbine power plants and combined heat & power plants from all the top manufactures and brands such as GE, Rolls Royce, Dresser Rand, and Solar. We work with buyers and sellers to offer end to end solutions through our extensive connections with power plant consultants, engineers, and project managers. To get more info on how we can potentially add value to your purchase or sale of a power plant call the number above or contact us today.