Gas Turbines


Bryan Power has many years of experience providing gas turbine generator solutions for its clients. Whether looking to source equipment for a new power requirement, or upgrading an existing facility, Bryan Power can help you procure a new, surplus or used gas turbine.

Our experience reaches beyond sourcing equipment and into design, engineering and construction services for gas turbine power plants. We can assess your facility’s power requirements and determine the lowest cost most efficient power system. Our engineering team can provide detailed engineering services to design your power plant while our parent company, Bryan Construction, can provide construction services for building your new facility.

Bryan Power can also assist you in offering your well-maintained used gas turbine for sale. We focus our efforts on selling equipment to end-users and not liquidating it to resellers, which maximizes your return on investment. Our asset marketing team develops a well-rounded, custom marketing plan for each unit we offer to generate the most potential sales opportunities for your equipment.

Don’t navigate the complex power equipment market alone…let Bryan Power help take the stress out of purchasing and selling large power equipment.

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When sourcing a gas turbine for a client, Bryan Power remains vendor neutral throughout the process and selects the best system for your power requirement. Often times an overhauled well-maintained gas turbine can be a better fit for a project due to a lower initial capital investment opposed to purchasing a new gas turbine directly from an OEM. When selecting the ideal gas turbine for a power requirement Bryan Power considers all available options: new gas turbines, surplus gas turbines, and used gas turbines.


Bryan Power has developed an extensive online presence over its existence. Our asset marketing program utilizes our vast online presence to help sell your gas turbine and other power generation equipment. Our process begins by analyzing and assessing the value of your equipment. We then develop a custom marketing program that focuses on generating end-user sales opportunities. Selling your equipment to future end-users will maximize the value opposed to selling to asset recovery, demolition companies or equipment resellers. Our goal is to provide you with the best return on your investment while providing the best customer service throughout the process.

gas turbine blades

We source gas turbines and CHP equipment from a wide network of end-users, equipment dealers, and resellers to find the best product at the best price!

Tell Us About Your Power Requirement


Gas turbine generators are typically used to provide power for large industrial and commercial applications. The power requirements for these applications can exceed 500 kW and can be as high as 150 MW and up for applications such as large off-grid mining or industrial operations. Turbines can efficiently provide power for very large operations better than standard diesel or natural gas generators sets.

A gas turbine generator can be smaller, lighter and of more simple construction than a reciprocating engine powered generator of similar power. This feature makes it easier to take into off-grid areas and manage and maintain. Some industrial gas turbines offer power generation with the added benefit of heat exchange to be used for additional fuel or heat.  Many are now configured as combined cycle power plants and cogeneration power systems to not only provide off-grid electricity, but also additional forms of energy such as steam.  While some power generation systems using gas turbines operate as support for peak times (in areas where fuel is less expensive) they can also be efficient enough to run for longer durations.

Gas turbines generally run on natural gas, gasoline, and/or biofuel.  Some turbines are developed to operate by burning waste gas such as those emitted from landfills.