Bryan Power has the expertise necessary to help you successfully purchase, commission, and maintain a Dresser-Rand gas turbine generator. Our years of gas turbine generator experience and network of industry professionals allow us to build a complete solution to fit any power requirements. If you have ever considered on-site power generation as an alternative to utility power, today is the right time to contact Bryan Power. We can help you with the preliminary analysis to determine the best fit gas turbine power generator along with the operating costs. We’ll help determine the most cost effective power solution and calculate the payback period so you can be confident you’ll get a sound ROI on your investment. Also, with today’s low natural gas prices, on-site gas turbine power generation or cogeneration systems can add additional savings benefits. In combined heat and power systems, the heat produced from the electrical power generation can be recovered for other uses.


Dresser-Rand has been in existence for over 100 years. The company has been linked back to as far as 1840 when the first direct-acting steam pump was invented. In 1880, one of the company’s namesakes, Solomon Dresser, created a coupling that successfully linked two section of pipe1. The company has come a long way over the years and has evolved into a worldwide leader in industrial products. One of the primary sectors Dresser-Rand operates in is the power generation industry. They manufacture a wide variety of gas turbines made for standby or continuous power supply including high speed operation turbines, on-shore or off-shore oil and gas extraction and refining turbines, and highly efficient, industrial, heavy-duty turbines.