As one of the oldest and largest companies in the world, General Electric (GE) manufactures many products for various industries including large gas turbine generators. GE gas turbines are widely known for their ability to satisfy the largest power requirements ranging in size from 11 to 340 MW. GE supplies equipment directly to utility companies, independent energy producers, and other industrial applications that require large amounts of energy in the form of pure electrical power generation or cogeneration systems.

Bryan Power can assist you with any stage in the process of procuring a GE gas turbine generator. From the preliminary feasibility analysis to installation and maintenance, Bryan is ideally positioned in the industry to offer you non-biased consultation on power generation products and services. We can help you select the right power generation equipment and provide the right services to fully meet your power demands. You can count on Bryan Power to help you navigate the complex large power equipment market and help you get the best return on your investment.


The GE Energy division offers a number of products and services to clients worldwide. Their energy interests can be divided into 3 sectors: Energy Management, Oil & Gas, Power & Water. GE is focusing on one of the world’s largest problems; clean and sustainable supplies of power and water. They are doing so by focusing on productivity and efficiency and offer a full array of power generation products.

GE’s heavy duty gas turbine division manufactures turbines of various sizes to accommodate any power consuming application. They offer various classes of turbines including their F class (largest) and their medium size B and E classes for smaller, simpler, combined cycle applications.