Bryan Power can help you procure, install, and maintain a Rolls Royce gas turbine generator. Our years of power generation system experience and network of support service companies allow us to build a total package solution to fit your power requirements. If you have ever considered generating your own on-site power now is the time to contact Bryan Power to let us help you with the analysis to determine the best fit equipment and services package for you.

We specialize in going beyond simply sourcing the equipment. We can help you conduct a preliminary feasibility study to determine the most cost effective power solution and calculate the payback period on your investment. With low natural gas prices, on-site gas turbine power generation can be a great alternative to utility power. Cogeneration systems can add additional savings benefits when the heat produced from the electrical power generation can be recovered for other uses. These combined heat and power plants can reduce the payback period even further.


Rolls-Royce manufacturers a number of integrated power solutions that can be broken down into 4 sectors: Oil & Gas, Distributed Power Generation, Medium/High-Speed Recipricating Engines, and Nuclear. For the Oil & Gas industry, Rolls-Royce provides gas turbines to power off-shore rigs and other remote oil and gas extraction facilities. Rollys-royce also has over 170 million operating hours1 in the gas turbine distributed energy sector. They manufacture turbines from 4MWe to 64MWe, while their reciprocating gas engine generating sets span 2MWe to 9.3MWe. Rolls-Royce’s other energy sector business includes medium- and high-speed reciprocating engines which round out their wide offering of engines and turbines. They have also recently invested heavily in the nuclear energy sector securing nuclear manufacturing facilities in the UK back in 2011.