Industrial Generator Sets


Generator sets are used to provide on-site power generation in the event of a power failure or when utility grid power is unavailable or too costly. Often called ‘gensets’, they are manufactured by combining an industrial-sized diesel or natural gas engine or ‘prime mover’ with an alternator. The alternator converts the mechanical energy produced by the engine into electricity which then supplies the application with power. Common applications of generator sets include:

  • backup power for commercial and industrial businesses
  • prime power for businesses consuming large amounts of power during ‘peak hours’, and
  • continuous power for remote mining operations that don’t have access to grid power.
diesel generator sets for sale or rent


Industrial diesel powered generator sets are the ideal choice for emergency backup or standby power for businesses. With a quick start-up and response time, diesel gensets can assume their designed load capacity in seconds. This makes them the perfect choice for emergency facilities such as hospitals and health care facilities where power supply is critical to prevent loss of lives. Diesel generators are also the ideal selection to provide backup power for a data center. Operations that require an uninterrupted power supply (UPS) prefer the rapid response time and rugged reliability that a diesel generator can provide.

natural gas generators for sale or rent


Natural gas powered generators sets have been gaining popularity recently as natural gas prices have dropped and the concern over engine emissions have increased. Natural gas generator sets burn cleaner than diesel gensets making them the ideal choice when local codes or environmental restrictions prevent the operation of diesel generators. These spark-ignited engines typically are manufactured to run off either natural gas or propane for smaller applications where natural gas lines are not present to supply fuel. Natural gas generators also have the advantage of no fuel containment; whereas natural gas lines are required to supply fuel opposed to storing large quantities of diesel fuel.