Bryan Power has extensive experience working with Caterpillar natural gas and diesel gensets. We work with buyers and sellers of new, surplus, and used Caterpillar generators of all sizes. Whether your project requires a smaller 25kW gensets to provide backup power for a small commercial building or a large 2MW generator to provide prime power for your remote industrial mining operation Bryan Power can help. Bryan also has connections throughout the industry with CAT dealers and fully understands the secondary and aftermarket so we can help you buy or sell the right Caterpillar generator for your needs.

caterpillar cat generator sets and gas turbinesBryan Power offers a host of support services that makes any Caterpillar generator set installation go smoothly. We can help design and prepare your site prior to generator set installation, help you install the generator, and also provide support and maintenance services throughout the life of your power system.


Caterpillar is a diesel engine and heavy construction equipment industry powerhouse, operating worldwide for over 85 years.  With annual sales topping $60 billion in 2011, Caterpillar is widely recognized as the leading construction equipment manufacturer in the world. In addition to common construction equipment such as bull-dozers, graders, and dump trucks, Caterpillar also manufactures power generation systems that include industrial reciprocating diesel and natural gas generator sets, industrial gas turbines, and supporting supplies including transfer/electrical switches. The company also provides software, ancillary switch systems, service and support for their products on an international scale.  They are well known for their exceptionally high quality, durability and reliability.  Many businesses rely on Cat to provide backup,  prime, and continuous power for emergency, primary, and remote operations.  Caterpillar makes it possible for gensets to operate seamlessly and reliably using complementary products and maintenance schedules with their products.