Bryan Power Generation (BPG) has extensive experience working with Kohler diesel and natural gas generator sets. Recognized as one of the top manufacturers in the industry, Kohler Power Systems combines top industrial engines with their top quality generator ends to provide end-users with backup, emergency, prime, or continuous power. BPG’s experience sourcing, installing, maintaining, and providing emergency support services for Kohler generator sets nationwide lets you rest easy that your power supply requirements will be met.


Kohler Power Systems have been manufacturing diesel and gas powered generating sets and necessary support switches and controls for over 80 years. Originally in the cast iron business, Kohler leveraged the growing demand in middle America’s farmland for power and built the Kohler Automatic Power & Light ‘power plant’ in 19201. Since then Kohler has become one of the leading manufacturers of home, small business, industrial, marine, and mobile power generators.

Prior to the mid 80’s, Kohler had primarily focused on manufacturing generator sets smaller than 750 kW in size. However, today they offer a wide variety of diesel generator set sizes from 10 – 3250 kW and gas generator sets from 25 – 400 kW to satisfy almost any power requirement. Participating in many markets, Kohler Power Systems provides various packaging options including weatherproof, sound attenuated, and fully enclosed gensets. For temporary needs, Kohler also offers a full line of mobile and towable generators that can be transported to nearly any job site.

In addition to providing a wide variety of top quality generator sets, Kohler also provides other power generation support products such as generator controls, transfer switches, and paralleling gear. Kohler’s customized control panels provide user-friendly controls that assist with simple and safe operation of the generator and can be installed with network communications modules to enable remote monitoring. Kohler transfer switches can transfer power in less than 1/6th of a second in emergency applications. Paralleling gear allows you to connect your on-site power system to the local utility grid giving the ability to manage load in peak shaving applications.