Bryan Power offers MTU On Site diesel and natural gas generator sets for sale or rent. We have the experience to source your power equipment while also providing top level service and support. In addition to sourcing your generator set, we can provide additional complementary services to ensure your project is a success. From procuring an MTU diesel generator to providing post-sale maintenance and support, Bryan Power can provide a total solution to meet your power requirement.


MTU On Site Energy is one of the top manufacturers of gas and diesel generator sets worldwide. Powered by MTU diesel and gas engines, their generator sets are reliable, economical, fuel efficient, and can be built to meet any EPA emission standard. Their rigid structure promotes less vibration making MTU gensets a great choice for sensitive and extreme environments.

MTU generators are used all over the world and are built to provide either 50 Hz power, commonly used internationally, or 60 Hz power grids like the one in the United States. Their diesel generator set line come in a wide range of sizes from 210 kW to 3250 kW while their gas powered gensets range from 120 kW to 2150 kW. MTU’s versatile line of generator sets can provide reliable power in a wide variety of industries and applications but mainly focus on larger commercial and industrial industries due to the size of generators they manufacture.

MTU On Site Energy provides a full line of complementary accessories to provide additional protection, control, and functionality to your power solution. They manufacture sound attenuated enclosures, weatherproof housings, sub-base diesel fuel tanks, day tank systems, generator set controls, system monitoring and control, battery chargers, remote annunciators, silencers, and circuit breakers.