Industries Served


Power outages bring production lines to a halt, translating into loss of material, breakdown of machinery, and lost productivity, ultimately leading to lost revenue and profit.


IT operations are at the nerve center of most organizations and any interruption/outages result in crashed computer systems, lost data and abrupt loss of communication with customers.


The backbone of operations for financial service firms, insurance companies, IT Service firms and countless other worldwide businesses, data centers are vital. Power outages interupt or paralyze the business operations of a multitude of clients, and threaten the irrevocable loss of stored data, which can be catastrophic for all clients served.


Power outages can cause both in-process and finished products worth millions of dollars to be discarded due to damage, contamination, and spoilage. Pharmaceutical manufacturers, petrochemical companies and food processing plants are examples of industries relying heavily on uninterupted power supplies.


Traffic signal operations, public transport systems like the railway, control centers for air traffic management, telecommunications and utilities, all rely heavily on a continuious power supply to ensure the safety of millions of commuters.


Casinos, arenas, stadiums and amusement parks, among others, rely heavily on uninterrupted power. Casinos stand to lose millions of dollars of revenue every minute their operations are affected. Arenas, stadiums and amusement parks rely on heavily attended events where power interruptions can impact the event or activity in a way that jeopardizes safety and/or requires the refunding of all ticket revenues to patrons…a costly endeavor.


In an industry where millions of dollars can be made (or lost) within a fraction of a second, power outages that render financial corporations unable to carry out crucial transactions on time is unacceptable.


Many buildings rely heavily on systems that must have uniterupted power to operate. Automated access control systems, elevators, fire alarms and sprinkler systems are just examples of some of the systems in today’s modern buildings that threaten to trap individuals or put their potential safety at risk in the event of an outage. The hospitality industry, particularly hotels and resorts, are particularly impacted by these interruptions.


Hospitals, surgery centers, and other critical care facilities must have reliable uninterupted power as any disruption in the normal functioning of medical equipment can directly translate in to loss of life, which in turn also carries a heavy liability burden for the care facility.


In many instances, this particular market segment is operating outside the ‘boundaries’ of the grid, thus having to provide their own power to support 100% of their operations. Also due to the “24-7, 365 days a year’ operations that typically occur in these industries, the availability of stand-by power is critical to avoid potentially large revenue losses from both short and potentially longer shutdowns.

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