Solar T60s Simple-cycle Gas Turbine Generator

Solar T60s SoLoNOx Gas Turbine Generator

Description: Originally installed in 1993 in a cogeneration power plant for a major pharmaceutical company in New Jersey. In 1999, the engine and gear reducer were upgraded to a Solar T60S. The plant was installed, operated and maintained by Solar until shutdown on 10/21/2013. Unit was then dismantled and stored in a Pennsylvania warehouse. It was later transported to Houston in late 2014 where it is currently stored indoors. Two unused gas turbine control buildings mounted on trailers are also available as optional equipment.

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Equipment Specifications

Manufacturer: Solar
Model No.: T60s
Type: 7301S (Dual-fuel SoLoNOx)
Capacity: 5200 kW (gas) / 5093 kW (oil)
Engine RPM: 14951
Generator: Ideal Electric (brushless, AC)
Generator Frame: 21120-28 (Type SAB)
Capacity: 3750 kW (4688 kVa)
RPM: 1800
Voltage: 4160 V
Amps / Ph / Wire / Hz: 651 / 3 / 6 / 60
Duty: Continuous
Power Factor: 0.8
Temp Rise / Ambient (0C): 105 / 40
Date of Last Major Service: 6/9/2011
Hours Since Last Overhaul: 17,148