Commercial / Industrial Natural Gas Generators


Natural gas generators provide a ‘clean’ burning and efficient power supply, emitting fewer pollutants into the air than most other forms of stand alone power generation systems. Another advantage, in areas where natural gas is plentiful or provided by infrastructure, access to a constant fuel source can be tapped into on an as needed basis instead of storing large on-site fuel tanks.

For this same reason, environmental disasters such as earthquakes or severe hurricanes can render a natural gas generator unavailable when gas lines become damaged and have to be shut down.  However, standard power outages that were the result from the usual suspects (grid overloaded, brown outs, typical snow or electrical storms, etc.) do not usually affect a natural gas burning unit.

Industrial natural gas generators tend to be more expensive than diesel on the initial capital investment and are also usually more expensive to operate.  However, all that is mostly dependent on access and proximity to a fuel source and how much the market is setting the prices for diesel vs. natural gas at that time.  These units are commonly used in situations where businesses need back up power when the facility has reached a peak load point in operations.  Many companies use them as power plant for their factories and facilities to give them independence from an area’s main power grid when pricing pressure and energy costs rise.

Bryan Power Generation has experience with a wide range of industrial and commercial natural gas generator sets – from small commercial building single generator installs to large industrial power plants.  We work with both buyers and sellers of surplus new and used generators from all the top brands such as Caterpillar, Cummins, Simpower, Generac, etc.. To see how we can help your company find the unit that best fits your needs contact us or call today!