2,800 kW (2.8 MW) CHP Plant Feasibility Study

2,800 kW (2.8 MW) CHP Plant Feasibility Study

Project Description

Greenhouse in Canada evaluating the feasibility of powering grow lights by installing a new Combined Heat & Power (CHP) Plant

CHP: Electricity, Hot Water, and CO2 Recovery to Increase Production in Greenhouses

Naturefresh, an owner and operator of large commercial greenhouses in Leamington, Ontario, was constructing an additional 130 acres of greenhouses to add to their existing 120 acres of operating greenhouses. To increase production of tomatoes within the new greenhouses, Naturefresh was studying the feasibility of installing grow lights to be powered by a new Combined Heat and Power (CHP) plant. This plant would provide electricity for the grow lights, hot water for greenhouse space heating, and CO2 from the exhaust. The CO2 would be stripped from the CHP plant exhaust and piped into the greenhouse to enhance plant growth.


Combined Heat & Power (CHP) Feasibility Study for 5.3 Acre Demo Project

Bryan Power worked with Naturefresh to identify potential CHP equipment for an initial 5.3 acre demonstration project with 2,700 one thousand Watt grow lights. If successful, Naturefresh planned to expand the CHP plant to provide power to grow lights throughout the whole 130 greenhouse requiring approximately 70,000 grow lights and 70 – 80 MW of power generation.


Bryan Power identified equipment alternatives that included both new and pre-owned reciprocating engine generator options capable of generating the 2,800 kW required. Bryan Power developed initial heat balances, electrical one-line drawings, and general arrangement and process flow schematics. Bryan Power developed preliminary cost estimates for equipment, installation, and operations and maintenance, and these were used in a preliminary economic evaluation model developed by Bryan Power for the project. This model was shared with Naturefresh and used to evaluate between alternatives.


Naturefresh placed the project on long term hold due to unrelated business issues.



Nature Fresh


Leamington, OH


2,800 kW




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