Stanford 56 MW Cogeneration Power Plant

Stanford 56 MW Cogeneration Power Plant

Project Description

Stanford University decommissioned their Central Energy Facility (CEF) on March 31, 2015. The facility had been maintained since its inception by Cardinal Cogen, a wholly owned subsidiary of GE Power Systems. Bryan Power Generation, LLC. was retained by Stanford as the sole and exclusive agent for the marketing and sale of the CEF’s high value assets. These assets include a GE Frame 6B 42 MW natural gas combustion turbine and generator with a heat recovery steam generator system that powered an additional 14 MW steam turbine. Other facilities at the CEF include an Ice Storage Plant, Chilled Water Plant, Boiler Plant, Hot Water Conversion Stations, and many other pieces of switchgear, transformers, pumps, VFDs, and other auxiliary equipment.


Bryan Power sold the 42 MW natural gas turbine generator and other auxiliary equipment to a pulp and paper mill end user who relocated the equipment to the Gulf Coast region. Bryan Power was responsible for the salvage, removal and logistics of all of the equipment purchased by the pulp and paper mill.


Stanford University


Palo Alto, CA


56 MW




asset marketing, cogeneration/chp

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