Industrial Power Systems Design


Often times when a new power requirement arises, companies are quick to choose their solution based on least cost and first cost criteria overlooking the life cycle costs of the project. However, the long-term success of projects are judged on their ability to operate efficiently and cost effectively over the complete life of the project. This places extra importance on having an experienced power systems design team to guarantee the proper analysis has been done to ensure long term success.

gas turbine blades

Bryan Power offers a full range of power design services to owners and operators of energy projects, utilities, equipment suppliers, service providers, and other commercial and industrial companies. Our team has over 21 years and over 20,000 MW of power generation experience offering consulting, advisory, and design services to commercial, industrial, government, and institutional clients worldwide.

Our primary focus is to provide efficient, environmentally friendly energy to you at a competitive price point throughout the life of project. We have years of experience working with experienced energy solution providers which allows us to develop a total solution package and offer a variety of conceptual and complete design services for…

  • Standby/Backup, Prime, or Continuous On-Site Power Generation
  • Combined Head & Power (CHP) and Cogeneration Power Systems
  • Combined Cooling, Heat & Power (CCHP) Systems
  • Independent Power Plants (IPP)
  • Energy Management & Control Systems
  • Utility Interconnections & Distribution Systems
  • Peak Shaving Operations