Rental and Mobile Power


Renting a large power generator can be a good idea if the electricity is only needed for a certain time period, to complete a remote project, or when a project cannot be interrupted by a power outage. Rental also makes sense when assessing whether an identified power source is a good choice for purchase or you want to field test a gensets ability to handle your necessary loads.

Mobile power is often necessary for projects that are not location-based or that move on a regular basis, as is common in construction, oil and gas, and some mining operations. Other uses for mobile power generation can include projects where building a permanent power plant is not possible due to environmental, health, or space issues. Mobile generators can range from just a few kilowatts to large semi-truck enclosed 1500 kilowatt generators for temporary large industrial applications.

Portable and mobile power generators are perfect units to help aid with natural disasters and other emergency events. They can be transported into affected areas and help provide aid to victims of all too common events such as hurricanes, tornadoes, floods, or other severe storms.

Bryan Power has developed relationships with a number of the country’s largest new surplus and used mobile power generator dealers and rental fleets.  We can assist you in quickly evaluating your needs and finding an appropriate rental or mobile diesel or natural gas generator and handle all the technical details.  Call or contact us now for more information.