Technical Resources


Diesel Fuel Consumption Chart

This chart provides an estimate of the amount that a diesel powered electrical generator uses during operation. The load placed on a generator also dictates the amount of fuel consumed. The chart also displays estimates based on the load placed on the generator.

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Natural Gas Consumption Chart

This chart provides an estimate of the amount of fuel that a natural gas burning electrical generator uses during operation. This chart provides fuel consumption estimates based on the electrical load on the generator during operation.


kW / kVA Amperage Chart

This chart provides a quick reference to help you estimate the size of generator you will need based on your load requirements. Using the known voltage and current requirements you can estimate the size of power generator you will need in both kW and kVa based on a 80% power factor.

Common Voltages/Frequencies by Country

This chart shows the common voltages and frequencies of the main (grid) power supply of every country in the world. The voltage & frequency of power supplies and equipment must be synchronized in order to properly function.


Generator Noise Control

The sound a generator emits during operation can be undesirable in certain environments. Engine manufacturers are taking action to limit the vibrations that cause loud noise by improving engine design. However, in certain environments (such as in residential neighborhoods), operating a generator set still often requires sound attenuation or other methods of noise control. This article found in The Consulting Specifying Engineer does a great job of covering the topic of understanding and implementing noise control for generator sets.

Averting Common Causes of Generator Failure

The most common causes for generator failure result from lack of proper maintenance and operation. Standby generators require frequent testing and operation to ensure all power system components are functioning properly. This two-part article does a great job of outlining all of the necessary maintenance details generator owners must check to ensure you generator set runs when you need it the most.

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